Rodney Reyes Live Brings Astonishment & Mystery to San Diego

San Diego, California's second largest city, has a lot to offer. Rodney Reyes Live is now bringing top shelf magic and mentalism to "America's Finest City." Widely acknowledged as a master of his craft, Rodney Reyes has honed his skills for decades to bring to you a once in a lifetime display of miracles, right under your nose. Whether he's making things disappear in the blink of an eye or stealing thoughts right out of your mind, audiences are left in shock and unable to explain what they have just seen with their own eyes. He brings a unique mix of humor, astonishment and mystery to San Diego. Having performed for celebrities like Meg Ryan, Juliette Lewis and Jon Voight, Rodney knows what it takes to make your event unforgettable. 

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San Diego Magician Rodney Reyes Will Make You Question Reality

If you're looking for the next best thing in San Diego live entertainment, then look no further than Rodney Reyes Live. This is a show you must experience and even then you probably won't believe it. Watch as Rodney melts your reality right before your eyes. Nothing is as it seems at the Rodney Reyes Live Experience. This is an adventure for your mind, heart and soul. Book Rodney Reyes Live now and your guests will be talking about it for years to come. Check out the Contact Us page to see where Rodney Reyes will be appearing soon or to book him for your own event.


Close Up and Strolling Magic

Rodney Reyes is known throughout the world as an expert in sleight of hand and professional mind reader. He performs close up magic frequently and offers his unique brand of magic table to table, group to group - keeping your guests happy and entertained during any kind of event. 


Mentalism Performances

Mentalism is the act of doing amazing things with your mind. Often considered a very personal form of magic, Rodney Reyes has been reading minds in the San Diego area for years. Whether he is revealing the pin number on your phone or making silverware bend just by looking at it, one thing is for sure, he will blow your mind.


Stage Magic

The Rodney Reyes Live Stage Experience is a one of a kind interactive adventure into the realm of mystery. Rodney will light your imagination on fire with his amazing feats and astonishing skill. Audiences laugh and scream out in pure joy and delight as Rodney takes them on a one of a kind roller coaster ride of mystery and magic.

Want to attend The World Famous Magic Castle?

Now you can! Invite your friends and family to an intimate and magical evening of wonder at The World Famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, with your Premiere Host Rodney Reyes. Dine-in and experience an elegant evening and exclusive tour of the Magic Castle, witness the shows and a special private performance by Rodney Reyes Live. Must be 21 or over.


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Book Rodney Reyes for a Magical San Diego Experience 

Give the gift of astonishment at your next private party or corporate event with Rodney Reyes Live. Most people only see this kind of magic on TV and have never witnessed miracles like these unfolding right in front of them. Rodney Reyes Live provides unique magic and mentalism in an intimate setting or on stage. Check out the Media page to see Rodney in action or head over to the Contact Us page to book your next show today.