Rodney Reyes Live Wows Audiences Across Los Angeles 

Los Angeles is the land of glitz and glam. Image is premium here. Rodney Reyes Live has been wowing audiences across LA for years. Whether he’s performing Close Up magic for top Hollywood stars like Meg Ryan, Juliette Lewis and Jon Voight, or is keeping it more low key with Strolling Magic performances for private gatherings, Rodney Reyes brings magic to a new level. With a fast-paced, innately interactive and spellbinding combination of entertainment and magic, Reyes satisfies LA residents standards for showmanship and skill. After years in the business, Reyes has earned a reputation as the most sought out magician in LA. His shows sell out in minutes and have an enviable celebrity attendee list. Read on to learn what Rodney Reyes offers and then visit our Contact Us page to book Reyes at your next private or corporate event

Rodney Reyes Performances for Los Angeles Audiences 

Rodney Reyes Live has built an empire by elevating magic from stale card tricks to an interactive performance. Los Angeles residents looking for a uniquely entertaining adventure can choose from any of his performance styles and be guaranteed an unforgettable night. Rodney Reyes Live offers the following show options. 


Close Up Magic

Interactive and intimate, Close Up Magic brings the audience into the fold. Perfect for smaller gatherings, Rodney Reyes works his way through the crowd and acts as the ultimate icebreaker as he performs jaw-dropping feats of mind reading and depth perception illusions. Strolling magic at its finest, Reyes becomes the life of the party. 


Stage Magic

For larger crowds, or corporate events, Stage Magic offers a night of magic that hints at the miraculous, biting humor at a level that is generally reserved for stand-up comedy shows and entertainment that rivals the biggest names in the entertainment industry. Working the audience into his show, Reyes ignites the air with a sense of wonder. 


Mentalism Shows

Mentalism proves the impossible to be possible. It challenges your beliefs in what the human mind is capable of. Watch Reyes blow your mind as he guesses your bank ATM pin password, reads your mind and predicts your actions. Equally appropriate for private and corporate events of any size, Mentalism shows amaze even the most cynical of audiences. 

Ask About Our Hosted Nights With Rodney Reyes at the World Famous Magic Castle

Invite your friends and family to an intimate and magical evening of wonder at The World Famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, with your Premiere Host Rodney Reyes. Dine-in and experience an elegant evening and exclusive tour of the Magic Castle, witness the shows and a special private performance by Rodney Reyes Live. Must be 21 or over.


Rodney Reyes transforms any evening into a magical adventure. Crowds all over Los Angeles have recognized him as top tier entertainment. Book a performance to find out why. 

Book Rodney Reyes for a Magical Los Angeles Experience 

Whether you’re looking for an entertainer for a private party or want to provide potential clients with a unique experience at your next corporate gathering, Rodney Reyes Live does more than magic tricks. He enlivens a belief in miracles. Check out our Media to see Reyes in action and then visit our Contact Us page to book a show.