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Add a Dose of Magic to Your Next Trade Show with a Rodney Reyes Performance 

While entertainment may not be the first thing that comes to mind while planning your next trade show or convention, nothing lures participants in like a good magic trick. The key to a successful trade show booth is a steady flow of traffic. Rodney Reyes has been performing at trade shows across the country for years and has perfected the art of drawing crowds in and keeping them entertained, happy and eager to buy. When working trade shows, Reyes places himself directly in front of your booth, pulls passersby aside and dazzles them with magic that has been tailored to incorporate your brand’s message. Once they’ve been sufficiently wowed, Rodney casually sends them in the direction of your booth. By the time they arrive in front of your sales team, they’ve loosened up, are having a good time and are primed to be wowed by your business’s offerings. Check out our Media to see Reyes in action before visiting the Contact Us page to book your next trade show performance. 

How Trade Show and Convention Magic Works – What to Expect 

What make Rodney Reyes such an effective addition to your trade show booth? Consider the similarities between sales and magic. Reyes’ success lies in convincing people to buy into his mental and physical illusions; to believe the impossible is possible in his world. To do so requires more than an expertise in magic. It requires expertise in people skills and mind reading. With this background, Reyes works with your team to incorporate your brand’s message into every seam of his show. Armed with a comprehensive understanding of your business and a knack for entertaining even the most stubborn of crowds, Reyes then places himself directly in front of your booth and lets the magic speak for itself. Approaching unsuspecting passersby for a quick demonstration, Reyes quickly earns their trust and gets them laughing as they are dazzled by his magic and your brand. Once the show is over, Reyes sends these newly excited guests to your booth and moves on to the next unsuspecting guest. 


Why Should You Hire Reyes for Your Next Trade Show or Convention?

Reyes’ value at trade shows boils down to traffic and brand recognition. Placing Reyes in front of your booth is bound to attract more visitors. As he works the crowd, the lines at your booth grow exponentially. But, beyond that, he spends hours perfecting a show that incorporates your brand’s message into every act. This, in turn, dramatically increases your brand’s recognition and message retention. By entertaining passerby while educating them about your company, Reyes is priming them to buy without their realizing it. They’ve practically been sold by the time they get to your sales team!

Book A Rodney Reyes Live Performance at Your Next Trade Show in New York, California, Phoenix or Las Vegas 

Take some of the pressure of your sales team by hiring Reyes to prime the crowd at your next trade show or convention. Visit our Home page to learn more about his performances and then check out the Contact Us page to book Rodney Reyes Live at your next trade show or convention.