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Rodney Reyes Live Wows College Audiences Across the Country 

With years of experience performing for college and performing arts centers everywhere from Las Vegas to New York, Rodney Reyes knows how to start off with a bang and keep the younger crowd entertained, involved and excited right through to the end. Reyes understands that the key to impressing a younger crowd lies in showmanship and performance. Simple card tricks simply will not suffice here. Kicking off his performances with large scale tricks designed to ignite the crowd, Reyes will keep the momentum building as he guesses audience members’ pin numbers, reads minds and performs vanishing acts with everyday items from the crowd. Whether you’re looking to host a soiree for your university’s Greek society or need to plan a fun and safe Saturday night event at your local performing arts center, Rodney Reyes Live will leave your crowd begging for more. Check out our Media to see him perform and then contact us to book a performance. 

Performance Options for Colleges and Performing Arts Centers 

When it comes to dazzling the younger crowd, Reyes’ fast-paced entertainment fits the bill perfectly. While any of the Rodney Reyes Live shows will impress, there are a few that stand out as being most popular for college crowds.


Close Up Magic

Younger folks want to be a part of the action. They want to be involved, interactive and witnessing the magic up close and personal. They want to feel as though Reyes is performing entirely for them. Close Up Magic performances are a universal crowd pleaser for this demographic because they allow the audience to be part of the miracles. Rodney will work his way through the crowd performing jaw-dropping displays of Strolling Magic while astounding with his mind reading skills. Audiences build a relationship with Reyes and leave feeling like they had an adventure – rather than witnessed a show. 



Whether he’s reading your crowd’s minds, accurately guessing pin numbers or predicting the amount of money in a guest’s wallet, Rodney Reyes Live Mentalism demonstrations ignite imaginations and inspire a belief in miracles. College kids will leave feeling entertained, perplexed and inspired.


Stage Magic

For those looking to book a large scale event for the entire university, a Rodney Reyes Stage Magic performance is your best bet. Incorporating everything from sleights of hand to large scale vanishing acts, Reyes utilizes humor and showmanship to take his magic to the next level. Audiences laugh, wonder and participate as he works his way through card tricks, mind reading, vanishing acts and more.

Check out Reyes Media page to see what he can do and then visit our Contact Us page to book your next college or performing arts center event. 

Booking Rodney Reyes at Your Next College or Performing Arts Center Event in Las Vegas, California, New York or Phoenix

Give your college crowd a chance to enjoy a fast paced entertainment show that is sure to dazzle by booking Rodney Reyes Live at your next college or performing arts center event today. Having spent years traveling the country performing for younger crowds, Reyes has a unique understanding of what these young adults want and delivers every time. Visit our Contact Us page to book a performance today.