Discover the Power of the Mind with Rodney Reyes Mentalism Shows

Magic, as most people know it, is based on expertly performed sleights of hand. Mentalism, however, harnesses the power of the mind to perplex, inspire and amaze audiences through what appear to be mental super powers. Performing in New York, California, Phoenix and Las Vegas, Rodney Reyes has been astounding audiences across the nation with the powers of his mind for years and has earned the reputation as the most sought out mentalist in the country. Whether wowing celebrities like Jon Voight and Juliette Lewis or demonstrating his mental prowess for business executives, Reyes performs mind-blowing acts of mind reading, mind control and telepathy that leave unsuspecting crowds believing his brain is simply more advanced than theirs.

Prepare to Have Your Mind Blown – What to Expect When You Book a Mentalism Show

Traditional magic relies on sleights of hands to execute the seemingly impossible. Mentalism, in contrast, relies on the power of mental acuity. Understanding how to harness his mental powers to influence and predict your thinking, determine your next actions and read your mind, Rodney Reyes puts on a show that leaves audiences scratching their heads in amazement. Walking out of one of his mentalism shows, you’re left wondering whether Reyes is actually psychic. You’ll be replaying his mind reading demonstrations for days trying to decipher how exactly he knew what you were thinking! Designed to be interactive, Reyes will work his way through an audience reading minds, influencing card choices and displaying a level of telepathy previously unheard of. Guests will watch as the inner workings of their minds are read by Reyes. A typical Rodney Reyes Live mentalism show includes mind reading, hypnosis and mind control. Combining traditional magic tricks with mental play, Rodney Reyes creates a truly unique experience for audiences across the country.



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Whether you’re looking to break the ice at your next sales meeting or simply want to wow the crowd at your next party, booking a mentalism show with Rodney Reyes Live ensures an evening that will energize, amaze and inspire guests long after they leave the event. Visit our Vlog to watch Rodney Reyes’ mind at work. Then, click on the Contact Us page to book Rodney Reyes at your next event.