Private Events


Turn Your Private Event Into an Unforgettable Experience with Rodney Reyes Performances 

Turn your next private party into an invitation to escape reality with a Rodney Reyes Live performance. Whether you’re hosting 20 or 200 people at your next soiree, booking Rodney Reyes offers a unique, fast-paced and unforgettable experience. With a host of performances specifically tailored for smaller crowds, Rodney Reyes magically transforms a typical bachelorette or birthday celebration into a truly spellbinding experience. Combining his gift for working a crowd with top tier magic, Reyes ignites imaginations with mind reading demonstrations, sleights of hand card tricks, vanishing acts and jaw-dropping acts of telepathy. Your guests will leave amazed and impressed. Booking Rodney Reyes as the entertainment at your next event gives you the ability to easily transform the night from ordinary into extraordinary. 

Read on to learn more about shows best suited for private events and then visit our Contact Us page to book Reyes at your upcoming event. 

Performance Options for Private Events

Offering performances tailored to meet the needs of smaller crowds and intimate settings, Rodney Reyes live offers four different performance options for private events. 


Mentalism Demonstrations

Best suited for smaller crowds, Reyes invites your guests to witness the power of his mind through a series of mind-reading, depth deception and telepathy feats that will leave everyone wondering how it all works for days.


Stand Up Magic Show

Perfect for events with between 50 and 100 people, Stand Up Magic performances invite the entire audience to participate in an array of sleight of hand tricks and more large-scale magic feats. Fast-paced and wildly entertaining, Stand Up Magic works the entire crowd into a frenzy of amazed excitement and leaves everyone desperate for more. 


Stage Magic Performances

Suited for crowds of any size, Rodney Reyes Stage Magic shows turn your event into a venue for show-stopping performance art and elite magical demonstrations. Combining sharp humor, top tier showmanship and a magical expertise, Reyes’ Stage Magic performances ignite the room with wonder. 

Based on the size and themes of your event, Rodney Reyes Live can help you choose the perfect show for your next party. 

Book Rodney Reyes Live for Your Next Private Event in New York, California, Phoenix or Las Vegas Today 

Take your next event to the next level by booking Rodney Reyes today. Invite your guests into a world of wonder, entertainment and excitement and watch as they are blown away. For a truly unforgettable event, Rodney Reyes offers magic that transcends the ordinary table tricks and catapults guests into the realm of miracles. Visit our booking page to reserve the date of your event today.