Stage Magic


Rodney Reyes Stage Magic - Igniting the Stage with Magic and Showmanship

More than a magic show, Rodney Reyes Live Stage Magic performances are an art form. Combining biting humor, elite showmanship and jaw-dropping magic tricks, Rodney Reyes ignites the stage with his very presence. Whether he’s masterminding the alarming disappearance of your personal belongings before making them magically reappear in the most uncanny of places or inviting family members into the act, Reyes believes that stage magic should do more than entertain. It should enliven.

Wowing audiences across the nation, Rodney Reyes Stage Magic shows mix traditional magic tricks with humor generally reserved for stand-up comedy while adding a degree of showmanship rarely seen outside of music stadiums. Reyes guarantees a fast paced display of visual magic, mental gymnastics and crowd-pleasing sleights of hand with each and every performance.

What to Expect From a Reyes Stage Magic Show

In short, expect the unexpected. From the moment you take your seat to the moment you walk out of the door at the end of the show, prepare to be amazed. Providing audiences with a nuanced mix of card tricks, disappearing acts, audience participation spectacles and mentalism demonstrations, Reyes cultivates a rapport with each and every audience member. This interaction between the magician and the audience is the backbone of Rodney Reyes Stage Magic shows. Whether you’re being invited up on stage to participate in a trick or are inadvertently drawn into the action from the safety of your seat, Reyes has a unique ability to inspire participation from everyone in the audience without making anyone feel uncomfortable. Regardless of the size of the crowd, Reyes customizes each show for the audience. No two shows are ever the same. Rodney sizes the crowd up and works with their energy to create an experience that is unique to them.


“I never really like ruining a surprise, but my shows are between what is real and what is not. I might vanish. I may not. You sit as a witness and all of the sudden become a participant. My show is a fun and energetic roller coaster of emotions which maintains an air of mystery”
— Rodney Reyes


Offering Truly Exceptional Stage Magic Shows in Cities from New York to Las Vegas

With performance dates set in New York, Las Vegas, Phoenix and Los Angeles, Rodney Reyes Live performs stage magic in cities across the country. Whether you’re looking for a night out for family from out of town or want to step outside the box with your next date night, purchasing Stage Magic show tickets from Rodney Reyes Live ensures you won’t leave disappointed. Visit our Contact Us page to book seats at our next show in your city. We look forward to watching your face as Reyes transforms your idea of what a magic show is supposed to look and feel like!