The City that Never Sleeps Comes Alive with Rodney Reyes Live Magic 

Whether you’ve lived in New York City for decades or are visiting the Big Apple for the first time, you come expecting to be shown a good time. Famous for its nightlife and fast paced mentality, New York City demands the best out of its entertainment. Rodney Reyes Live doesn’t disappoint. With years of impressing even the most cynical of New York audiences, Reyes has perfected a show that is fast-paced enough to keep up with the NYC way of life. Whether he’s working the streets performing strolling magic for an unsuspecting passerby or wowing crowds of 300 in any of his large-scale Stage Magic shows, Reyes has earned a reputation as a must-see New York City attraction. Read on to learn more about the Rodney Reyes Live shows in New York City and visit our Media to see the magician in action. 

Rodney Reyes Live Shows in New York City  

It can be hard to choose from the many entertainments options in NYC. Between the award-winning Broadway shows and internationally known stars that regularly grace the city with their presence, entertainers who last are elite. Rodney Reyes has earned a reputation as a “Can’t-Miss” performance in the big city. Check out any of his shows to find out why. 


Close Up and Strolling Magic

Nationally known for his ability to work a crowd, Rodney Reyes Close Up and Strolling Magic performances are an interactive experience audiences won’t forget. Working his way through the crowd, Reyes utilizes the audience as part of his act. Whether he’s reading your mind or making your wedding ring disappear (and reappear, of course), Close Up and Strolling Magic shows put you front and center in the action.


Mentalism Performances

Mentalism is a unique form of magic for a unique city. Demonstrating the power of his mind and a level of acuity that is simply mind blowing, Reyes wows audiences through telepathy and mind reading. Whether he’s guessing how much money you have in your wallet or alarming you with his ability to predict your next action, Reyes astounds every time. 


Stage Magic

Rivaling even the greatest of entertainers, Reyes Stage Magic performances do more than demonstrate his elite magic tricks. They entertain and amaze. Not content with simply performing tricks for a crowd, Reyes’ Stage Magic performances mix humor and showmanship with top tier magic for an unforgettable adventure. 

Natives and tourists alike can’t stop raving about Rodney Reyes Live performances. Book a show to discover the magic for yourself. 

Booking a New York City Rodney Reyes Show 

Whether you’re a tried and true New Yorker or a finally visiting the city you’ve always dreamed of touring, Rodney Reyes Live offers a truly unique and wildly entertaining experience. Check out our Media to see the master in action and then visit our Contact Us page to view his upcoming NYC performances and book your attendance.