Strolling Magic


Magical Mingling: Strolling Magic Unites the Crowd and the Magician

Picture this -- It’s your mother’s 60th birthday bash, and you’ve gathered one hundred of her closest friends and family members for a night of festivities and reverie. Music is playing. Guests are gathered in small clusters of friends. Finger foods are being consumed. It’s a typical 60th birthday party. Fun, but a bit stale. Suddenly, Rodney Reyes sidles up to one of the gathered clusters and blows everyone’s mind with one of his spellbinding tricks. Your party has instantly become electrified with the energy of strolling magic. Strolling magic turns your gathering into a spellbinding experience in which the crowd and the magician become partners and comrades in miracle making.

Understanding Strolling Magic

Also known as walking magic, strolling magic puts the wonder of magic at your guests’ fingertips. Whether hosting a birthday party for your parents or planning your next corporate event, strolling magic offers a unique and unforgettable experience for each of your guests. The concept is simple, yet revolutionary. Rodney Reyes eliminates the delineation between the stage and the audience with his up-close and personal tricks. If guests are seated, Reyes will move from table to table performing a host of tricks that range from traditional card tricks to mentalism feats that will astound. If guests are up and mingling, Reyes will work the room while he stops periodically to amaze and inspire. In either scenario, guests are invited and encouraged to become part of the show.



Offering One of a Kind Strolling Magic Shows in San Diego, Las Vegas, Phoenix, New York and Across the Country

Traveling the country inspiring party guests is Rodney Reyes passion in life. His aim is always the same – put on a performance that reinvents the concept of a magic show. Whether you’re looking for help breaking the ice at your next corporate event or want to provide truly memorable entertainment at your wedding, booking a Rodney Reyes Strolling Magic show guarantees an unforgettable evening of humor, magic and showmanship. Visit our Contact Us page to book Reyes at your next gathering.