Rodney Reyes Astounds Audiences Across Phoenix 

Audiences looking for top tier entertainment in Phoenix flock to Rodney Reyes Live performances. Escape the heat by taking your party indoors and experiencing the wonder of live magic up close. Rodney Reyes Live performances offer Phoenix visitors and natives the chance to jump directly into the adventure of magic through interactive performances. Rife with biting humor and expert showmanship, Rodney Reyes Live performances do away with traditional magic shows. Guests are treated to true performance art. Whether you book Reyes for your next corporate event or have him perform at your wedding, guests are guaranteed a night they won’t forget. 

Rodney Reyes Live in Phoenix 

Whether you need to wow potential clients or are in need of a fun filled night for one hundred of your closest friends, Rodney Reyes Live offers a host of show options designed to reignite your belief in the miraculous. Known nationwide for his showmanship and skill, Reyes elevates the world of magic to a level never seen before. Read on to learn more about Rodney Reyes Live shows in Phoenix. 


Mentalism Demonstrations

Not your typical magic show, Rodney Reyes leaves audiences amazed and inspired by the power of his mind. Whether he’s reading your mind, predicting your thoughts or guessing the amount of money in your wallet, Reyes’ gift for mental acuity will leave you scratching your head in amazement for weeks.


Close Up Magic

Otherwise known as Strolling Magic, Close Up Magic works each guest into the fold. Reyes will perform jaw-dropping displays of mentalism while wowing guests with sleights of hand and vanishing acts as he mingles. Eliminating the distinction between audience and performer, Reyes turns each guest into the star of the show. Best for smaller, more intimate crowds, Strolling Magic is a crowd pleaser and provides an unforgettable night for all.


Stage Magic

Not your mother’s stage magic show, Rodney Reyes Live has elevated the art of Stage Magic to a level previously unseen. Working the room while performing large-scale vanishing acts and astounding displays of mentalism, Rodney Reyes puts on a show that rivals anything you’ve seen before. Fast paced and exciting, Reyes combines humor and showmanship with magic for a result that is truly astounding.

Read on to learn how to book Rodney Reyes Live at your next Phoenix event. 

Booking Rodney Reyes in Phoenix, Arizona 

Whether you’re visiting the city for the first time or are a Phoenix native, booking a Rodney Reyes Live show guarantees a night of adventure, entertainment and inspiration. Check out our Contact Us page to learn when Rodney Reyes is next performing in Phoenix and book your seats.