Rodney Reyes Live Brings the Power of Magic to Las Vegas 

There’s so much more to Las Vegas than gambling. Rodney Reyes Live proves that the real action lives outside the casinos. Whether you’ve opted out of gambling or are looking for some additional entertainment in between your winning streaks, Rodney Reyes Live Magic shows offer non-stop entertainment while restoring your belief in the miraculous. Reyes understands that no one comes to Las Vegas to relax. Therefore, his shows are action-packed and wildly entertaining from start to finish. Las Vegas is home to nearly endless trade shows and conventions, and Reyes has become a go-to performer at these corporate events. Regardless of why you’re in Vegas, Rodney Reyes Live has a show for you. Read on to learn more about his Las Vegas performances and then visit our Contact Us page to book a show. 

Rodney Reyes Live Show Offerings in Las Vegas 

Sin City has never been so alive with the spirit of wonder. Rodney Reyes has spent years performing for Las Vegas audiences and has earned a reputation as the city’s most sought out entertainer. With shows that sell out quickly and audiences who simply can’t get enough of the action, Reyes stands out in a city where the lights can blur together. Rodney Reyes Live offers the following shows for Las Vegas audiences.


Strolling Magic

One of the most intimate forms of Close Up Magic, Strolling Magic shows turn the audience into the main show. Winding his way through the crowd, Reyes uses everyday objects from the audience to perform jaw-dropping vanishing acts while reading minds and demonstrating elite card tricks. Nonstop excitement, Strolling Magic shows offer a uniquely intimate entertainment option. 


Mentalism Demostration

Mind reading and magic meld together with Rodney Reyes Live mentalism shows. Performing astounding acts of mental telepathy while incorporating traditional magic tricks, Reyes proves that his mental powers are truly astounding. Prepare to be amazed when you book your mentalism show.


Stage Magic

Perfect for large crowds looking for a break from the casinos, Stage Magic offers large scale magic tricks with a twist. Inviting the crowd into the action, Reyes manages to inspire interaction without making anyone feel uncomfortable. When his biting humor and elite showmanship is added to the mix, the result is truly out of this world. 

Las Vegas is alive with the spirit of miracles when Rodney Reyes is in town. Visit our Media to see Reyes in action and then read on to learn how to book a performance from the master. 

Witnessing a Rodney Reyes Live Performance in Las Vegas 

Booking a Rodney Reyes Live show for your next visit to Sin City ensures your experience in Las Vegas will include true adventure. Visit our Contact Us page to learn when Reyes is performing in Las Vegas and book your attendance today.