Brand Magic

Using Magic to Build Your Brand with Rodney Reyes Live 

A business’s brand is the face of the company. Look at Coca Cola, Pepsi or HBO. These are household names because these companies have developed innovative and effective strategies for imprinting their branding onto the hearts and minds of folks across America. Generally speaking, this is achieved through a combination of print and online marketing, television and radio advertising and word of mouth. However, today’s business market has become increasingly competitive, and the companies that are continuing to thrive are those that are employing more innovating branding strategies. 

Enter “Brand” Magic – Advertising While Entertaining 

“Brand Magic” is exactly that. Rodney Reyes has worked for years to perfect the art of taking his magical prowess and incorporating your company’s message into it. Using his nationally recognized elite magic skills to create a foundation for educating potential customers about your company, Reyes works with your sales team to develop a complete understanding of what your company stands for, what it offers and how it can help meet consumer needs. Once this understanding has been reached, Reyes works with your marketing department to curate a show that works your company’s message into each and every act without coming across as sales. The art of Reyes is his ability to educate a crowd about your company and its message without them ever being aware of the fact that marketing is taking place. Whether he’s performing at your company’s next trade show or convention booth or is putting on a Stage Magic performance at your next large-scale networking event, Rodney Reyes Live has taken the problem of effective marketing and solved it with a unique mixture of showmanship and advertisement. Your guests leave your event uplifted, entertained and primed to hear your message. 

The best part of Reyes’ brand magic offerings is that he is skilled enough to work your message into any of his magic acts. Whether you book a Close Up Magic performance or decide to let him blow your audiences’ minds with his unbelievable displays of mentalism and telepathy, Reyes can work your unique message into his shows in a way that is seamless and innovative. 

Book a Rodney Reyes Live Brand Magic Show at Your Next Corporate Event in Las Vegas, California, New York or Phoenix Today

Take your marketing strategy to the next level by hosting a corporate event with Rodney Reyes Live as the main performer. Whether he’s dazzling audiences with sleights of hand or reading minds, Reyes has become a master in working your brand into the show in a way that is organic and effective. Visit our Contact Us page today to book Rodney Reyes Live for your next corporate event. Branding has never been so much fun!