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Rodney Reyes Live Consults with Film and Television Outlets Across the Country 

Having performed for the likes of Juliette Lewis and Jon Voight, Rodney Reyes has already begun to take the world of film and television by storm with his displays of elite magic and expert showmanship. Working with television and film producers as a consultant, Reyes has brought his knowledge of what wows a crowd to the heads of leading networks. Combining his unique skill set with his knack for showmanship, Reyes has what it takes to predict who will be a star, dazzle even the most jaded of audiences and impress film and television executives everywhere. Read on to learn more about Reyes’ participating in the world of film and television. 

Rodney Reyes Takes on Film and Television – His Journey 

Rodney Reyes has earned a reputation among the Hollywood elite as a name to know. Whether he is wowing Meg Ryan or working with producers of talent competition shows, Reyes easily transmits what he performs on stage into performances ready for mass media outlets. Here are just a few of the ways Rodney Reyes has taken the world of television and film by storm. 



Rodney Reyes has spent years working with leading TV and film executives to help spot, develop and present talent to America. His years in the entertainment business, combined with his business and marketing know-how, have made him one of the most sought out TV and film consultants in America. 


Television Performances

With performances on major networks and appearances in popular films, Rodney Reyes has taken his act mainstream. Adding depth to traditional magic, Reyes puts forth a performance worthy of even the biggest network or film. Visit our media page to see Rodney in action on TV and Film.

Rodney Reyes is the epitome of the American dreamer. Unwilling to accept stage performance as his only venue, he has spent years breaking into the world of television and film and is now a sought after personality across the board. 

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Add a dose of magic to your next TV or film endeavor by booking Rodney Reyes as either a live act or a professional consultant for your show. With experience working in TV, film and theater, Reyes knows what to deliver to each audience and always hits the mark. Visit our Contact Us page to book Reyes to meet your TV or film consulting needs today.